How to fill data of a new question or field from a list

Hi all,
I have a Kobo form where data is being collected using Web Form. Initially, a numeric code is saved in Data form instead of Label. After collecting some data, I had to add a new calculate question to save the Label as well. So that previously submitted records show blank. Is there any way to fill-up those blank fields at a time from the list (without individual Editing)?

Thanks in advance.

@mjoyroy, this is not possible within the system. Maybe you can do it during the post processing phase.

Thanks for reply.

Hi mjoyroy, can you give me more details? i didn’t get much, but i might find a solution. I was just working on the bulk data edit in Kobotoolbox. This video might help you maybe?

You may filter the choice value inside the table view and then select the filtered cases and bulk edit (manually) them - for each value.
Be careful, there is no validation (e.g. constraint) with bulk edit.

@Kal_Lam, it might be helpful to add more hints in the bulk edit documentation, please: what is / is not covered (required, constraint, value set, linked calculation, submission_time, user, device, etc.).

@osmanburcu This is simply excellent !! Thanks much! I hope it may serve my purposes.

However, a little more details for your better suggestion, if any. In my form, saves the sub_district_code from choice values only. But in case filtering the Sub-district inside the data view, it is difficult to filter based on the Code due to memorizing the code.

So that I want to add a calculate-type question/field in my XLS form which will save the Sub-district Name (label) as well. But, since some data has already been collected, so new field will be blank for already collected those records.

In this case, my expectation is to fill out the Sub-district Name (label) field for already collected records from external xlsx/csv file (sub_district_list) at a time based on the sub_district_code field.

I think, I have clarified my requirements. Thanks is advance.