How to filter n/d (blank) values in Data>Table view?

If I enter a value in the column header filter box (e.g. “2022”), only matching records are listed an I can mark them for editing. What do I need to enter in that box in order to get all records with a missing value in this column/field?


@york_rff, will reach you back on what our team has to say on this. But at the moment KoBoToolbox does not support this feature.

Typing “n/d” would be a good option…

As rough workaround you could sort the column (with click on title). So, the empty ones would show first (or last if descending). You can combine this with normal filters, but you can only sort by one column.

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…thanks a lot. Good workaround, if the number of found items is relatively low.

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@york_rff, we have a GitHub issue for this.

Thank you for bringing this to the community! Expecting the same in the upcoming days as well.

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