How to find out the unique link field in repeat questions between two separate sheets


I did a vegetable and fruit market survey for street vendors in the market. The students observed the movement and the selling products of these street vendors for 3 hours. There are tow groups and few repeat questions in one of the group in the form. The data is in the process of collection. I downloaded the data to study the pattern and type of data coming in kobo. But facing some difficulties in establishing the unique link between common question and repeat questions. The answer to repeat questions are in sheet2 of the excel file.

I would like to know the unique link field in a repeat question. I downloaded the data in XLS format and found that there are two separate sheets in the excel file. Can someone let me know how to identify the unique link field which I can link and compare between two sheets of excel file. Currently I am unable to see any unique field which establishes the link between two sheets for data analysis.

Your input to resolve this will be highly appreciated.

Hi @ssinha1966,

There are two possible ways:

  • The _index column in your main sheet linked to the _parent_index column of your repeat-group sheet.

  • The _id column in your main sheet linked to the _submission__id column of your repeat-group sheet.

I personally prefer the second method. Because the _id and the _submission__id doesn’t change even if you delete some submissions. But the index is purely depending on the position of the submission itself.


Hi, could we get this clear explanation, esp. for the second option, into the Help Center article, please?


Noted with thanks @wroos!

Thanks a lot hakan_cetinkaya. I forwarded your solution to the data analyst who will be importing the exported Kobo data into Stata software for further analysis.
Thanks again for your quick and good solution to my query.

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