How to find out which Kobo account hosts a form deployed on Enketo

Hello everyone,

I have a tricky question. My colleagues deployed last year a form on Enketo. It has been used, the data anaysed etc. All good. Now we want to use the same form again to run a similar survey. BUT impossible to find it on our Kobo Account.

I found the Enketo link in an old email which is clearly still active Questionnaire à l’attention des gestionnaires HUDA ( but still nothing on our Kobo account. So I’m wondering if maybe the form has been deployed from a different Kobo account still hosted by actioncontrelafaim. Hence my question: is there a way to know which Kobo account is hosting an enketo form?

Thanking you in advance for you help. Finding this original form built and encoded on excel will save my team lots of time of rebuilding the form again from scratch …


@Margaux_ACF_MIF, it seems like it was hosted on a private server ( You can check the Enkekto link for this …

Hi @Kal_Lam, Yes it is hosted on the server but I don’t find it on my Kobo account. Is there a way to know which Kobo account it is hosted on? How is it possible that the forms is still deployed but doesn’t appear in my account?

@Margaux_ACF_MIF, you will need to contact the admin team that manages that server for more support (as it’s a self-hosted server).

Great! Will do. Thank you for your reactivity :slight_smile:

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