How to fix the error: repeats in field-list groups are not supported. Please update the form desing to remove the following repeat form a field list: /data/group_2/group_3

What I need is for the questions from group 2 to be repeated; according to the number of batches to be sampled; but within each lot, n number of trees can be measured and each tree in turn can have 2 or more trunks and the measurements of group 5 (dbh and height) will be taken from n_trunks, the rest of the questions eje_est, eje_oete , north_axis, south_axis and gps_point will only be answered once for each tree (n_tree). How can I do to get these answers according to what I am requesting without this error being displayed?

@itzayanagarth14, would you mind validating your XLSForm through the online validator? The online validator should help you identify syntax issues present within your XLSForm.

Hello, I already used the viewer and it does answer my questions, but when I put the project in the odk application on my cell phone, the error is displayed. Enketo


Si ca peut aider !
L’expérience que j’ai avec les groupes répétés est qu’il faut éviter de les mettre dans les “field-list”. Les groupes répétés n’y fonctionnent pas.
Enlève d’abord les “field-list” à l’intérieur des groupes répétés et re-teste ton questionnaire.
Aussi dans “required”, laisse la case vierge pour les lignes 12, 14 et 17.

Fais moi savoir pour la suite !

You may have a look here, please: ERROR: Only questions and regular group are allowed in 'field-list'. Bad node - #12 by Grzesiek2010 - Support - ODK Forum
See also Collect documentation: Form Logic - ODK Docs
“You can apply the field-list appearance to a repeat to make all of the repeated questions go on a single screen. However, you can’t have a repeat inside of another group with the field-list appearance.”

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