How to force a respondent's answer

Need your support please, how to force a respondent’s answer when the interviewer selects an answer from question 2 that seems to contradict the previous answer from another question 1. The idea here is not for the questionnaire block the questionnaire after the second entry attempt when the answer to question 2 is selected, but to create a way of forcing the value of the answer when it is confirmed by the respondent, so that the questionnaire moves on. However, a warning message must first appear before the answer is forced (this message asks the interviewer if he can restart the question to ensure that the respondent has understood and that his answer does not contradict the answers given to the previous questions).

To illustrate what I mean above, I’d like to have these two scenarios in this little questionnaire:
Ques1.xlsx (39.3 KB)

1st scenario: if the name of the market territory is the same as the name of the supplier territory, this suggests that the replenishment time must be less than or equal to 2 (the interviewer can force the value to be greater than 2 if the respondent confirms or maintains his answer).

2nd scenario: If the availability level of bath soap is widely available, then “The products are stolen” and “The item is not available” cannot be selected (the interviewer can force these two answers if the respondent confirms or maintains his answers).

Following the question, you could use acknowledge type with required = true and a relevant clause to filter.

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Hello wroos thanks for your help, I received to solve the first scenario by indicating ${territory}=${soap_supplier_territory} in the relevant column. However for the second scenario it doesn’t work when I indicated ${soap_availability}=‘widely_available’ and ${soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons}=‘thefts’ and ${soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons}=‘article_unavailable_season’.

Do you have any idea what I should put in the relevant column for the second scenario?

@masalafortunat, please be informed that your variable soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons is a select_multiple question type and not a select_one question type. Your expression (${soap_availability}=‘widely_available’ and ${soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons}=‘thefts’ and ${soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons}=‘article_unavailable_season’) would have worked if the same was a select_one question type.

To fix this you will need to use selected(${soap_difficultes_reapprov_reasons}, 'article_unavailable_season').

You should be able to learn more about the same here. This support article Adding Skip Logic should also help you provide more details on skipping a select_one and select_multiple question types.

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Thank you Kal_Lam for your intervention, now it works well with your proposed code.

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@masalafortunat, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: