How to generate beneficiary cards automatically and Send notifications by with Mail Kobo Collect

Bonjour, j’avais effectué deux series de tutoriels Kobo Collect.

  1. Le premier traite sur l’envoi des notifications par mail à chaque fois qu’une nouvelle soumission a eu lieu sur le serveur: A RETROUVER ICI. J’ai utilisé Kobo Collect et MS Power Automate

  2. Le second tutoriel renseigne sur Comment générer automatiquement des cartes des bénéficiaires à partir des données soumises sur Kobo Collect et envoyer cela automatiquement par mail. A RETROUVER ICI

Espérant que ça va aider quelqu’un.


Hello, I had made two series of Kobo Collect tutorials.

The first one is about sending notifications by email each time a new submission has been made on the server: FIND OUT HERE. I used Kobo Collect and MS Power Automate

The second tutorial is about how to automatically generate beneficiary cards from the data submitted on Kobo Collect and send it automatically by email. TO BE FOUND HERE

Hopefully it will help someone.


Hi @majorluvale
Thank you so much for sharing your articles with users. This actually mirrors the very ideals of the community forum. I am sure this will definitely benefit other users. Thank you so much.


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Comment peut on faire apparaître le nom de l’enquête ou chaque membre de la famille que les questions intéressent sur kobotoolbox

Welcome to the community, @michelmandily! Could you explain your issue a bit so that we could better understand them and see if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox?

@majorluvale ! could we get label instead of name with this rest service? how to proceed? thanks a lot, your tuto are wonderfuls!