How to get back a lost project

Dear comunity,

One of my projects was lost when I redeployed it. Can anyone help to return it? I really hope

Did you simply redeploy (with some changes in your form)?

Initially I unarchive then I redeployed because there was a label that had to be replaced. When I redeployed it said failed … (forgot the words) list

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Will have look at it!

Thank you sir

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Could you also let us know the tentative date on when your project got lost. Also please let us know the total number of submissions your project had.

today about 5 hours ago … Total submissions: 205

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now I lost 1 more project, same as earlier. I responded to the form, an error message appeared … and my project was lost.

Is it possible that I can get these projects back?

Hi @akoh,

Do you mean you are not able to view the custom report or do you mean you lost the data? Looking at your issue i see that you have a custom report issue.

I lost 2 projects and the data

I want to create a new project by uploading Xlsform, but I can’t. A message appears as in the image below


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We will reach you back soon.

Thanks Kal_Lam.

The message that appears when I replace 2 missing projects

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@Kal_Lam i also got same error wile updating project iied02f and after refreshing and going back to dashboard project was missing

Noted! Thank you @anishisdrr! Have reported your case to our developers. Will get back to you once the issue is solved or we require any additional information for troubleshooting.

I had the same issue - I lost one major project that was shared for testing. But found it missing. I received the same response as @akoh. Now I had uploaded it again. Hope I have not lost any data.

Noted @fsimon23! This issue has already been reported with our developers. Will get back to you once the issue is solved.

I had the same problem twice…I uploaded a new version of the form from an xls file (that I tested before on and worked perfectly). I got the error message and then the project disappeared from my account… I am quiete worried o_O