How to get back a lost project

Same problem. I have lost a lot information after to make some changes in two forms. What can i do to recover that information?

@wroos, maybe it would be safe to temporarily halt your data collection. Will get back to you once the issue is resolved.

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Welcome to the community @sebasortega_1995! Kindly please be informed that the issue has already been informed to our developers. Will reach you back when the same is resolved.

Hello community,

Same case here! May you need our user account to investigate it?
For how long do you think that we should stop implementing projects/collecting data? We are downloading the reports each hour to ensure no data loss.

Thank you!

Hi everybody,

Same problem here!

Hi @nnsdtr, @kiwki, @sebasortega_1995, @wroos, @chiaramarioni1, @fsimon23, @anishisdrr, @akoh

Please see the recent announcement regarding this issue:


Thanks guys! :heart:


But might we go for better testing before
new releases to the community, please. A lot of people and organisations use this great SW for critical humanitarian field work and data management.
Kind regards



Thanks for everything.

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Hi @wroos, you’re right and unfortunately this was something that slipped through the cracks. Thank you for being patient with us as we sorted it out — fortunately the data was recoverable.


Thank you for your great support. My organization depends on the database that I have prepared in Kobo. Hope we don’t see such errors in the future during the actual survey in Feb '21. Thanks again!

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Hi @fsimon23, we do out best to keep the application stable, but please do report any issues if they come up as soon as possible so we can resolve them. @Kal_Lam and @stephanealoo (and us in the dev team) are standing by to provide assistance :muscle:


As there was problem last week, I uploaded a new form as ‘Baseline 2021’ but in the same name of the old form. After it was rectified, I saw 2 forms with the same name in my user account. So I deleted the old forms but few had collected data in the old form. How do I receive the data from the old form to my new form. Is there any way out? Please help.

@fsimon23, Do you have the data from your old form?

My colleagues are not able to sync the data collected in old form even though they have downloaded the new form.

Is it the same form (without any changes)? If yes, maybe you could follow the support article to Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thank @Kal_Lam . Will try to do it manually. Thanks for your help.

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Dear community.

We lost a project with data. We believe it is due to system update issues.

How can we recover the project?

Welcome to the community @dtorres1! Could you let us the tentative date on when this happened at your end?

between January 16 and 23