How to get data into Google Data Studio?

@mohan_n espero te encuentres bien, quisiera saber si hay posibilidad de que me oriente en como poder conectar mis datos de Kobo a Google data estudio, la verdad e seguido cada uno de los pasos señalados en este hilo pero no me visualiza por ningún caso la data, me seria de gran utilidad su ayuda.

Muchas gracias.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve followed exactly what you said but I still can’t connect. I got this error message “Data fetching error: Missing comma in object literal”. What should I do?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot. The connector works perfectly in fetching data in its values.

Would you please suggest if there is a workaround to get the data in “labels”?

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@thet, maybe you could use this API that should use the label instead of the values…

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Hi @Kal_Lam, that’s really helpful and really appreciated.
Now data in labels as in my own customised settings can be fetched smoothly in CSV.

But I have not yet been successful in using xlsx format. I have tried data Google Data Studio data connector “Custom JSON/CSV/XML” as in the original solution.

Do you know any other connector that can fetch data from KoBo to Data Studio or Sheet through the url for xlsx? I think I need it for the forms with repeat groups.

Thanks a lot.

@thet, leaving this open for the community to share advice (if anyone has a good option).

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my visualisation does not bring out the words why…i mean words from the form in kobo it brings out just their indices