How to get data into Google Data Studio?

Can someone guide or write a tutorial on to enable pulling data into Google Data Studio, the way it is done in Microsoft Excel Power Query?
It will be great help. Thanks

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Guys, I have figured pulling the data into Google Data Studio and it has worked. The submissions for primary question are visible. However, there is an issue. My form also has ‘repeat-group’ questions for which i am not able to see the data collected. Can someone guide how to solve this issue?

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Hi @mohan_n,

Thank you for sharing this with the community! Could you also help the forum by sharing your steps that you followed to get data into google data studio so that other users could benefit from the same. GOOD DAY!

I have used your ‘power query’ tutorial as a template to create this step-by-step tutorial for Google Data Studio(GDS)

For seamless data analysis, you can leverage the KoBo API to pull your data into other tools for data analysis. This article covers how to connect to the API to pull your data into Google Data Studio.

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Next, go to the API for your account by going to either or . Select the URL for the instance in which your account is located.

  3. Under the Data heading, click on /api/v1/data

  4. Click on “GET” and select “json”.

  5. This action will open a webpage having links to json files of all your projects.

  6. Next, locate your project’s data structure inside the data file. It will be in the following format: description,id,id_string,title,url
    For example:

  7. Before transitioning over the Google Data Studio, make sure that there is a) at least 1 record stored in your data table in KoboToolbox and b) under the Project’s settings, set it to “share data publicly”.
    Google Data Studio

  8. In Google Data Studio, click on Create > Data Source

  9. Type “custom json/csv/xml” in the search bar and select the first search result.

  10. Now, in the emerging webpage, select ‘json’ for the “Data Type” field and paste url of your json file that you have noted in step 6 into the ‘Source URL or Google Drive path” field.

  11. Click “Connect”

  12. Now, you can see all the fields of your form. Select “Explore” or ‘Create Report” and you are good to go.

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Hi @mohan_n,

Thank you for sharing it in details with screenshots for better understanding. This should be very helpful to those who intend to try it out at their end!

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I am trying to link my kobotoolbox with google data, but not all columns could be retrieved by data studio. Can you suggest how to solve the problem?

I am not a pro at this. The connector used in the above tutorial is from the company “supermetrics”. They can better answer your query.
Also I have figured out another way to link kobo data to google data studio, i.e. through google sheets. The googlesheets add-on I use for this is “API Connector”.


Hi sir @mohan_n how did you implemented it using the googlesheets add-on “API Connector”?

Hi @mohan_n, could you please show how to use “API Connector” in order to link kobo data to google sheet?

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