How to get Start Time and End Time automatically in the Data Sheet

Hi team,
In the data sheet it is appeared start and end date only. I have a requirement to get the start and end times as well. Please be kind enough to support me in assisting how to get the start time and end times of respondings.
Thank you.

Hi @raveendra,

If you include start-time and end-time in metadata, you will be able to see the times aswell. You can find more information in this help article:

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Hii… Thank you for responding…
I have included those metadata as the instructions. But only the date will be displayed as in the attached image.

Thank you…

2022-12-26 at 16-26-15

Can you please share the xls version of the form so we can check? because as far I see from the picture, it could be an issue related to excel

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Hi @raveendra you need to change the format of the cell to see it.

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Hii… Please find the XLS form. And please advise me.

01. Excell Programmed File.xlsx (48.6 KB)

That means, please.

@raveendra, there is no problem in your XLSForm. When you download your data, you can format the cell to your needs. There is a microsoft help article about how you can format your date and time cells: Format numbers as dates or times - Microsoft Support.

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As Hakan mentioned, your form looks normal but your excel formats the start and end columns as short date, you need to use long date format


Hii… Thank you for your guidance. I made the formate in excel and time will be appeared.
Thank you again.

I have another concern, when the respondances change their device time, will it affect to the data sheet?

Yes. It is working. Thanks for the guidance.

You can also change the start and end metadata (as well as submission_time) to text with the Excel function transfer text …
This will be an advantage if you use other tools, like SPSS, with different date-time base.

Both are local times, so at least end will chsnge with the configuration of the device.

Be aware that

  • start is the first open date/time
  • end is the last save date/time.

Both might differ from the real date/time of an interview.

But submission_time is the Kobo Server date/time

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Thank you for the support…

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