How to get the correct date if mobile date is changed by enumerator?


I have faced a problem while collecting today’s date using Kobocollect. If the enumerator change his/her mobile date, the Kobocollect will collect today’s date according to mobile date which is changed and incorrect. So, is there any solution for getting the correct date even if the enumerator change their mobile date?

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Welcome to the community, @faridqanet! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Sorry, I don’t think this solves the problem, as now(), today() and today, start and end (metadata) are based on the local device, as far as I know.

The only (limited) workaround is to configure the device so that date/time and timezone are automatically taken from the network/internet and not allow the user to change this.

You might get some hints through monitoring the submission data on server level.

It is one of the examples, that enumerators (and local supervisors) are a core quality element of surveys. So, their selection, training and motivation are critical.

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