How to get the position of the current count in the repeat questions

I am trying to get the position of repeat count in such a way that I want to display the position in the body of the question inside a repeat.

For example, if the repeat is at position 1, I want to display “1st”, if the repeat is at position 2, I want to display “2nd” and so on, I created this with calculate question retrieving the position by using postion(…), but unfortuanately it was not working.

The calculate question that I used is called AvailPadPackSizes. I have also attached my xlsform. Looking forward to a help

Example.xlsx (30.2 KB)

This request can be ignored, I have figured out where the issues were coming from. In the if condition, the refrencing of IndexPosition should be ${IndexPosition}

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Thank you for sharing the solution to the entire community!