How to give permission to validate for a specific filter of the collected data

I am collecting data from various unknown users from 37 states. I have 37 users (validators) who need to validate users from their respective states.

How do I give permission to each validator so they can only see and validate data from their/only one state?


@dkiyiola, this can only be possible if you set the permissions before starting the data collection. However, it is possible for any other records once you place the permissions (but not for those already received on the server).

@Kal_Lam thank you for your response. How do I set this up? Right now I only see the ability to give access to “validate submissions only from specific users”.

How do I give permission to view only a dataset filtered by state?

@dkiyiola, but I see you said unknown users from 37 states. So if it’s from unknown users, then maybe that should be impossible. But if it’s from known users, then you should be able to do it as outlined in this support article Row-Level Permissions.