How to include the image full URL in the response


We are using Drupal to fetch the data and we can’t figure out in our kobo settings on how to include full image URL as we will need to save the image internally.

We are also using XML format to get the data as response properties with slash throws json parser error on our end.

Here’s a sample API:
Current response: foo.jpg
Expected response:

Also, we cannot use the attachment download URL format as it throws invalid file extension.

Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @madelyncruz and welcome to the community!

Josh, one of the developers, created a python script for downloading media:

Also he has a post like this:

Hope these help you.

Thank you for your quick reply hakan. We are using a Drupal module (feeds) to map the response and to save it in our internal system. Unfortunately, both suggested options will not work on us as the image has to be in full URL format.

The attachments response in the JSON format is incompatible with feeds image mapping as it throws invalid file extension error. We will also need to map the data based on the feeds module ability to match the data for saving the value individually.

Example would be as follows:

Sample response:


Then in feeds field mapping it’ll be like below:

consent_img1 = field_consent_img1
consent_img2 = field_consent_img2

Is there any other alternatives on how to resolve the image URL issue?