How to insert label values on kobo generated graphs?

Need guidance to insert label values on Kobo graphs.

Welcome to the community, @grfaroki! Could you share a screenshot of where you intend to change the label in a graph?

Thanks, dear,
Here is the screenshot. I want to put values.


G R Farooqui

@grfaroki, so you mean you wish to display the values in the graph? FYR, you should also be able to see the values if you hover your mouse over the graphs. Have you tried checking it out?

Yes, I have checked but want to display these values on graph.

@grfaroki, this feature is not currently present with the custom report. I have thus changed your post to Suggestion Box so that you (or anyone else interested in this feature) can VOTE for this feature. Please also feel free to reach us through if you have the budget for this feature request. Your small contribution could benefit the entire KoboToolbox users.