How to insert many question choices without manually typing all the options?

How can I import question choices for a ‘select many’ question? I was able to do this as a cascading select but this is only applicable to ‘select one’ questions.

Has anyone copied in their question options without having to manually enter them?

Your query is not clear, could you explain in detail what exactly you want to achieve and what is the example of output you would like to have


Hi, I believe I have a similar question, so I understand what they ask.

when creating a question with multiple choice, in the building, it asks you values for each response possibility. I have a list of 159 responses and it would be cumbersome to add one-by-one. Is there a different way to do so?

Thank you.

Hi @lalonde340, @LaraVR (Welcome to the Community!),

KoBoToolbox at the moment does not offer you a shortcut method to type a long list of choices in its form builder user interface. You will need to do the same manually. However, you always have an option to workaround as mentioned below:


Thank you!

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