Please I need help calculate camp ( days and months) automatic

I made a form from scratch but without xlsform in it there are two fields to fill in the date of two different events but a third and fourth field ask me one to calculate days between the two and the other months elapsed between the dates automatically, that is, by placing The second date should automatically display three number of days in the field and four months in the field that represent those days automatically.
My question is if the rest of my 56 questions don’t need xlsforms, should I build everything again from scratch in xlsforms, or just for those two questions (fields if I can use something) and if the latter is positive, how would I do it?

Welcome to the community, @Savechilds! You could download your form as XLSForm, update the questions you wish to in the XLSForm and then upload them back to the server and deploy them.

Buenas tardes muy amable que pena la verdad no se mucho de programación. En mi pantalla al descargar como XLM en campo calculation coloco la función datedif y no la toma siempre arroja ERROR

Good Morning, sorry it does not work.

please tell me a step by step tutorial how to do it or if it can be done.
I need two dates from the form to be automatically subtracted and without the user acting on anything, said number of that subtraction is placed in a field of the form.

Thanks for your support


Dear Savechilds,

I will share a simple kobo form on how to apply this calculation. If you need more help, reach out.

aTTmNhBHN25dEFcah6edri.xlsx (6.0 KB)

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