How to install kubernetes in windows

Hi Team,

Could you please me how to install kubernetes in windows.

how to install any software in kubernetes dashboard.

Hi, we don’t use Kubernetes and we don’t yet support Windows; sorry. Maybe consider running Ubuntu inside a VirtualBox VM on your Windows host OS?

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Hello!! A query. We are also interested in implementing it in Kubernetes and we would be willing to invest in that development and share it with the community. Anyone who knows how to do it and is interested can advise and if they want to write to my personal email. Thank you very much

Have Been Provisioning Kobo toolbox on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) using Computer engine and Docker

Am currently working on Kubernetes . I will be testing it out on AWS as well.

This requires complete understanding of **GCP, AWS,** **Docker** and **Kubernetes**

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Very interesting @stephenoduor Stephe !! Could we have a short call to tell us more? Or can you tell us a bit about the state of development in Kubernete? We have experience with, Docker, AWS, Kubernete and Rancher. Thank you

@asassano am still testing it out, its not at the top of my to do list though, anyone who want to support can email me at or inbox me

Thanks @stephenoduor I already wrote to you!!