How to integrate external data in an existing survey

I need to integrate external data into an existing survey. I already use the Kobo APIs to retrieve the data already entered… So I think I can use the same approach to insert new data. Do you have any idea how to do it?
Thks a lot for your support

Welcome to the community, @thierrylairez! Could you also let us know how you plan to use the external data to your existing survey? We could then advise you with an approach that fits best.

Hi KalLam
I actually have two needs:
1 - I want to pre-fill a set of questionnaires with existing data on schools and use the APIs to do that.
2 - In addition I need to simulate a dataset for tests before deplyement and prepere the analysis plan
Thanks a lot

@thierrylairez, for your first issue, you could do it as outlined in our support article Dynamic Data Attachments and Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox.

While for your second issue, you could use our custom report by following the support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports.