How to limit/control the interface through App


We’re aiming to use the KoBoCollect android application for collecting data in field using Offline Mode. So, in this regard, we need to know how to limit/control the interface through App. For field Agents.

There are different options in the KoBoCollect App, pls advise.

•If the field agent syn the survey on his/her mobile through App then he/she could see only Fill Blank Form

•And all others options like Edit Form, Send Form, View Sent Form etc SHOULD NOT be available to the agent who is working Offline in the field.

Welcome to the community, @Pamel01! Have you gone through our support article shared previously:

It should help you solve your issue. Maybe you will need to go through this section more closely:

@Kal_Lam Allow the agent to fill out the blank form on their own phone or device via an app that is not on our provided device.

As an admin, you will need to deploy a blank form to the server. And as an enumerator, they are able to download the same on their device and fill up the blank form. Is it something different you are referring to?

Appreciate your help @Kal_Lam but we want when enumerator download the app from google play on their own device and login so all other options SHOULD NOT be available except Fill Blank Form.

@Pamel01, that’s cannot be controlled by default at the download. It can only be configured later on as outlined in here: