How to make a Questionnaire

We plan to conduct a survey on the crops cultivated by farmers. Farmers will select the crops they are growing (multiple selections), and for each selected crop, we will ask questions about the cultivation area, yield… (basic information), and other related questions. There are more than 30 crop options. Do we need to create a group for the basic information for each crop option and set up skip logic to link the questions to the group for the selected crops? Or is there a simpler method?

@jujus, is this something you are looking out for?

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Hi @jujus,
It depends on your data analysis plan. If you want to perform a crop-wise data analysis, you need to create a group for each crop. If you prefer a farmer-wise analysis, you should create a repeat group and collect basic information for each crop. It’s easy, if you create a repeat group and collected the data. I have developed a demo questionnaire based on your requirements. Find the attached file
Crop Template.xlsx (42.7 KB)

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