How to manage geoshape data collected from KoBoToolbox?

Urgent reply please.
Hello. I created a form on Kobocollect and i added geoshapes, after filling the form and exporting it to csv. The coordinates of the boundary are on a single row, so i cannot visualize it on Google earth or arcmap because of the coordinates of the boundary are on a single row.

Hi @Paragon41,

Welcome to the community! Could you confirm the question type (geopoint, geoshape) that you used to collect the coordinates of the boundary?

Is it possible if you could show us the screenshot of the data that you have downloaded (if it is shareable), else would also appreciate if you could share it over through a private message so that we could make a workaround for you.

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I used geoshape to collect the boundary coordinate. (So it has four coordinates and altitudes on a row in excel since boundary has four coordinate points).

I have attached both the picture and the file here. Thanks

I couldn’t upload an attachment because i am a new user.


I also want to know how to convert the images i took using Kobocollect to links so i can view them using GIS softwares online.

Hi @Paragon41,

Regarding your first query:

If you download your geoshape data in an xls dataset or a csv dataset you will get the data in the format you shared.

To make your data readable for Google Earth or ArcMap, download your geoshape data to KML format as outlined in the image below (DATA>Downloads>GPS coordinates (KML)>New Export):

Regarding your second query:

If you wish to connect your image taken by your smartphone (using the KoBoCollect android app) with GIS software, you should configure the following settings under your smartphone:

  • Location on (GPS on) - device (under device’s settings)
  • Location on (GPS on) - camera (under camera’s settings)

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Thank you @Kal_Lam but it didn’t bring out the geoshape (boundary) on Google earth. It just showed the geopoint (that is the location of the place)

yeah, we have same problem, and at this time i still searching for the solution

Hi all, as far as I know KoBoToolbox does not support exporting geotraces (lines) or geoshapes (polygons) to KML / GeoJSON. The best way for now would be to export to Excel / CSV and convert geotrace and geoshape fields to WKT and then import to GIS software (e.g. QGIS, PostGIS, ArcGIS etc).

Another workaround would be to convert coordinates to WKT using some calculations directly within the form: please check this for details: