How to migrate project data from one server to another

Hi, I need to move data from some projects from one server to another.

I was trying with ODK-Briefcase but looks like it wasn’t work and I can’t find references about how to migrate project data between servers… could you know how can I do the data migration?


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I find the solution for downloading data here:

Now I like to upload into the other server but ODK-Briefcase pull function show this error:

Captura de pantalla de 2021-10-19 21-19-58

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The final steps are:

  1. Download (Pull) the project and data from the source server
  2. Download (Pull) the project from the destination server
  3. Move the instances folder from source server ODK-Briefcase folder to destination server ODK-Briefcase folder
  4. In a terminal change directory to destination server ODK-Briefcase folder and:
for f in `find . -name "submission.xml"`; do
     sed -i 's/sourceFormID/destinationFormID/g' $f; 
  1. Finally upload (Push) data using ODK-Briefcase.

I put this here to help other in the same situation.


Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @finlay! It should be very helpful :heart:

@finlay, you should also be able to migrate projects from the source server to the destination server as outlined in the post discussed previously: