How to prevent duplicate entry from KoBoToolbox?

Is it possible to prevent duplicate entry from KoBoToolbox? As for example, a user fills up the ODK form by the email “”. But when he again fills up that email ( and wants to send the Finalized form to the server, Then it will not possible to submit the form to the server and inform me of the duplicate email entry. That means no one can send the same/duplicate email to the server.

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The only way i see i to use the pre-loaded data in the media part of the form. This allow you to upload a csv of information (and it can be re-uploaded during survey implementation). And you use the Pull-´data fonction

What i do is to dowload the observation of the survey one day, change the form of it to keep for example someone’s name in the first column and a column of “Si” which is the indicator that the person belongs to the list,

Then in the survey i have a pulldata(‘csv’,‘is_sampled’,‘ID_key’,${particip_ID})
This results th ID=“Si” if tghat person is on the list and i make a relevant if different of si to continue the survey

The onloy problem is that it’s not automated, i have to download the data, change the form and upload the csv manually. It’s not such a problem as we deploy the form once every 3months but it may be a problem for you

Cheers and have fun!

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