How to prevent from scanning a duplicate card with QR codes in it?

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I work for a humanitarian NGO and we use kobocolllect for data collection on the field. And de use the QR Code question type To scan the beneficiaries cards To identify them.
M’y question is that is there any mecanism when de scan the card, if the card is a duplicate one( the card may have been copied or something else To participe fraudulently) , the application refuses that entry or rings, Something like that To prevent the fraud. Thanks

That is a tricky manipulation that may not be easy to implement. You should know that when creating complex manipulations, the best way is to create a schematic first to try map the issue you are trying to solve. However for this case, I would suggest the following approach.

  1. For identification you can have a picture of the specific owner associated to it and this is displayed when the card is used
  2. Using pull data you can create it such that scanning that card brings the name of the respondent or additional information which you can use to authenticate the identity of the respondent.


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