How to prevent repetitions during data entry

Hi everyone,
I want to enter numeric data say bank account number in a way that there wouldn’t be repetition of same account no for two different people. How do I create validation for same .

@ropes2042, are you trying to achieve this within a repeat group or in a normal survey form?

I want to do this in a survey as a whole NOT within a repeat group. Thanks.

@ropes2042, maybe you could dynamically link the project to itself to see if the id has been entered previously (this will let you know if a submission with the same id is already entered into the project). This, however, does not restrict you from entering the same response anyway. However, the downside of this approach is that you will get an error message when trying to edit your submission. We have thus not updated our support article for the dynamic data attachment. We will update it once we overcome this known issue.

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@Kal_Lam Can you please suggest way to validate repeat data entry in same survey. For example I want to enter phone no twice such that phone no entry second time should match the first one with in a survey. Thank you.

@ropes2042, are you planning to conduct your survey in 2 rounds? Where you wish to compare the information from round 1 with round 2?

@ropes2042, maybe you could use this approach as outlined in our other post to solve your issue: