How to protect forms in Kobo Account?

Dear all,

Can anybody help me in protecting my forms in Kobo Account? Colleagues are always renaming, deleting the forms mistakenly, how can I protect the forms or at least restrict the access that no one can re-name or delete?

Welcome to the community, @ZakirHussain2023! Maybe you could protect your project by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Create two accounts (Admin account and the Enumerator account).
  • Deploy your project through the Admin account. Do not share the account credentials with anyone else (unless you would like to assign someone who could be an admin for you).
  • Share your projects with the enumerators’ account by following the article Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions and Row-Level Permissions.

So this way, your enumerators should be able to view the project but would not be able to change anything else.