How to push data from KoBoToolBox to DHIS2?

I’m conducting small survey for COVID19 vaccine rumours in the community by using KoBo collect. That I want is to push my data to DHIS2 and to make analysis there (DHIS2). I tried to read KoBo+Manual for KoBo-DHIS2 integration but I didnt understand.
So, If any one can help on how to push my data to DHIS2


Welcome to the community, @shamem3! Could you also share more on DHIS so that the community should be able to help you out if that’s possible?

I saw its possible to make integration between KoBoToolBox and DHIS2 by using KoBo-DHIS2 Integration connector,
When the data from KoBo Collect sent to KoBoToolBox it can be synchronised to DHIS2 using KoBo-DHIS2 Integration. So, What are the things required to be configured in both sides (i.e, KoBoToolBox and DHIS2) to push data to DHIS2 ?

Kobo Toolbox Connector App integration driver is a user-friendly tool that pulls metadata and data from Kobo Toolbox into DHIS2 with minimal user interaction, allowing Kobo Toolbox data to be analyzed with the powerful analytic tools from DHIS2.
The connector gets objects from Kobo Toolbox and transforms them into objects that are intelligible to DHIS2. As a result, the connector process converts the Kobo Toolbox form into DHIS2 objects. This includes a DHIS2 event program (single event without registration), program stage, option sets and data elements; one Kobo Toolbox form to one DHIS2 program.

@shamem3, could you also share some documents with the community so that the community already used this could help you solve your issue?