How to read the difference in Geo Location

Dear Team,

I have been using the KOBO toolbox in one of our drinking water programmes and as a part of the same, we are collecting the geo location of the assets created. However, on a monitoring visit, I wanted to check the accuracy of the geo location and collected the geo location of some of the assets using a different application. On checking it showed a difference of 0.0001 to 0.00001 points in latitude & longitude and a difference of about 50 points in latitude. I read online that a difference of 0.0001 would indicate an accuracy of 11.1m while 0.00001 would indicate an accuracy of 1.11m. Could someone kindly provide me clarity on the same and guide me on how I should be reading these differences?

Welcome back to the community, @rafglobal! Kindly please be informed that the accuracy of your geopoint data collected by KoboToolbox depends on the device you are using. You could thus get a good geopoint accuracy with top end devices while the same could go low with cheap devices.