How to reference CSV file hosted on the cloud using pulldata()

How do we reference a CSV file loaded on the cloud using pull data? For example, I have a CSV file using Google sheets:

I want to use pulldata() to reference that CSV file. How do I reference that file? I tried uploading to Media, but I can’t figure out how to reference it from XSLForm.

pulldata(‘nameofcsv’, ‘columnheadingtopulldatafrom’, ‘columncheckformatchingTEXT’, ‘TEXTtoCheckfo

What should we put in 'nameofcsv" for external CSV hosted on the cloud?

Hi Onesky,
Unfortunately there is no way to do this. I however recommend the following logical approach to doing it which requires a third party app on the phone

This will allow the media folder to sync with the csv on google cloud


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Can we use this?

Essentially for us to push our CSV changes into the form?

Hi @onesky
You may have to try this on your end using the schema I provided as an illustration and see if it will work.


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Did you get this working? I need to upload a different CSV file to the form each day.

EDIT: I did a bit of reading and I realized that this endpoint is to submit instances to a form… I need something to add form-media to a form, any idea about this?