How to replace English with label under value and header format in download?

Hello guys, I finished data collection and about to download the data in to spss for analysis, i used ti see English under my value and header format instead of labels. How should i correct it pls?

Welcome @fantai,
You used the right download option for SPSS. After importing the data, you download the SPSS label (option), this creates an SPSS syntax file with the labels.
You may study the Help Center article, please: Converting Data into SPSS and/or Stata — KoboToolbox documentation.


Thank you very kindly for guidance. But there is no labels option at my value and header format, it shows English instead of labels, what should i do pls?

Could you follow the steps as described in the Help Center article, please? See link above.

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Delete this posting, please. Never provide your (sensible) access data here.

I there any way to edit my value and header format?
Mine shows;
English and XML Values and header
Instead of
Label and XML Values and header
Thank you