How to report bivariate analysis

Hi again,

I would like to have Kobo customized reports with a bivariate analysis.
How to design the form as to address this issue?
For example:
I have a list of answers (from single selection; from number type questions; and from calculations) that I want to report according, for example, to the Region or village of the respondent.
Could you help me?
Thank you! Natascia

Our custom report is limited to what is presented in the following article (LINK). Kindly have a look and see if this will solve your issue.

When you state bi-variate analysis, there is a wide array of analysis that can fit the bi-variate analysis classification. Unfortunately, the platform is not designed as an analysis platform and you will need to export your data to be able to conduct all the statistical analysis you would like to do with your data off the platform. We have presented various tools for exporting data and also some articles for how to convert. Kindly confirm if you are able to do this using our articles.


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Hi Stephane,

I know I can export data and make such an analysis. However, I have to develop a Project M&E system to be handed over to the project staff and they won’t be able to do the analysis. So, I am trying to develop something that can be easily analysed through Kobo reports and limited use of excel.
My problem is that the staff will have to collect data in 6 Regions every four months. I can develop 6 forms (one per each Region) so that they will have disaggregated data in Kobo reports (disaggregated by Region) but in order to have data per each four-month period, I should develop a form per each four-month otherwise the data of the second collection, for example, will be aggregated and mixed to those of the first collection. This would imply using 15 forms, one per each four-month (the project lasts 5 years).

I am trying to understand if there is an easy way for them to have data disaggregated by Region and by each four-month period. Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

HI @natascia

Unfortunately there is no way to get this done as such

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OK I see. thanks


Hello @natascia
As the link of stephane shows, there a limited disaggregation (grouping) option in Report. But it’s limited to grouping by (one) select_one variable. See Report settings (with project owner rights)


In general, the KoBo Report features are rather limited, e.g. you cannot change

  • order of values or grouping
  • scales
  • % value base
  • how select_multiple, integer and calculates are treated
  • group values.

Hi wroos,

thanks for your feedback.
Actually, I did never realize that some type of grouping is possible by editing the report style, and that’s very useful though rather limited.

all the best, Natascia