How to restrict cascading select (some overlapping)

Hi everyone, I have looked for similar posts but did not find the solution yet. I have to implement a survey with several parter organizations, and I would like to restrict the choice of the cascading select to provinces, districts and adm posts where they work. The problem is that in a couple of regions more than one organization is working. And the same for the districts, and administrative posts. How to solve the issue and make an accostumised cascading select? Is this at all possible?
Thanks a million in advance.
cascading_based on partners’ area.xlsx (16.8 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @Giul! So are you planning to list the variables as Partner, Province, and District?

It seems like the duplicate is in the Province variable. Did I get that correct?

Hi @Kal_Lam ! Thanks for answering. Actually the duplicate is in province, district and adm_post. In the attached file second spreadsheet you can see where are the provinces and districts’ duplicates and in the first spreadsheet where there are admin_posts’ duplicates

Hi Giul,

Please get attached to excel for reference, As far I understood in the province Zambezia is repeated depending upon the ORG, (ORG 3,4 and 5).

So I had made the choice filter depending upon the Org selection. In similar way you can use to make a districts, and administrative posts.

Hope this gives you a idea on how choice filter can work a way round for your work.

Sampling.xlsx (56.5 KB)

Dinesh Dongol

Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for helping out. Ok, I will try and let you know! Many thanks, regards,