How to retrieve data where filters were inadvertently applied from my kobo tool box server

I designed a questionnaire and uploaded it to Kobotoolbox, it didn’t show any error messages. and after the questionnaires were filled and uploaded to my Kobo Toolbox server, some data columns were missing in the final data set, it seems that some filters were inadvertently applied during the questionnaire design. it is these filters limiting the responses from reflecting in the final dataset. what do I do to get the lost data back?

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Did you mean by wrong skips?

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Thank you @Kal_Lam
I didn’t mean wrong skips, because the people that filled in the questionnaires had all the questions appear on their phones and they filled them in successfully but it seems the questions had certain conditions put unknowingly that made the responses not to appear in the final dataset even when the responses had been filled in sucessfully by the data collectors during data entry.
Any help is highly appreciated

Go back to your form design and review any filters or conditions applied to questions. Make sure they aren’t unnecessarily limiting responses.

Thank you @Carlie89. So if these filters are removed, will it make the responses appear ? Because the survey has already been carried out and the questionnaires uploaded to the server