How to save a form in a middle of the survey?

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum … I have a question how can I change from true to false when TIPOUSU = ‘2’ … I wrote this but it gives error ==> if ($ {CA02} = ‘2’ , $ {CA03} required = “false ()”)

Welcome to the community @jeodavilacruz! Would you mind sharing your xlsform with some sample dummy questions where you wish to fit this expression. Also please list out why you wish to execute this expressions so that we could help you out if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox.

I am conducting a telephone survey where several questions are mandatory, but people reject the questions in the middle of the interview … and I want to save the survey even if it is incomplete, but when I click the validate button, it shows me the message that there are questions to fill out and it won’t let me keep anything

How can I save a survey that was rejected in the middle of the interview but I have questions with mandatory answers and I want to save the information collected?

save the information without validating even if you have questions with mandatory answers

Maybe if this is the requirement, you will need to change the mandatory question to FALSE so that you could save your interview (whenever the respondents refuses). Or, as an alternative you could also add a choice stating REFUSED TO RESPONSE. Doing so maybe you should be able to complete your survey with the REFUSED TO RESPONSE for the remaining questions and then save it without any issue.

How do I make that change in the question? remember that I do not know in which question they will reject the interview

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Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

what I need is to write a script that validates the questions according to the need, for example: if in question number 10 the interview was rejected and there are another 10 missing and all have a mandatory answer and at the moment of VALIDATE … it shows me the message I have unanswered questions

puedo cambiar the mandatory response de una pregunta en validation code con un script? por ejemplo: if((${CA02}=’2’),${CA03} required=“true”,required=“false”)

Can I change the mandatory response of a question in validation code with a script? for example: if (($ {CA02} = ’2’), $ {CA03} required = “true”, required = “false”)

por supuesto. en la columna “required”:
if(${CA02} = ’2’, “true”, “false”)


good point, edited now to make it more clear

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