How to send data to api

Good day, everyone.
Please I want to send data to kobotoolbox API using django. I have been having sleepy nights on this.
This is the error message {“detail”:“Method “POST” not allowed.”}

@oluwaseun_ogunmolu, could you also outline the objective of what you are trying to achieve and share the entire steps with the community so that the community should also be able to help you out?

Ok, thank you @Kal_Lam
I am trying to create a feedback form on my website. where I will be able to collect names of visitors, feedback and probably some other data if need be. So, I created a simple form for testing, and then I tested the API on postman and also connect it to Google sheet to see the outcome which is working excellently.
After that, I developed a model to fetch the API to to display on the website using django which is working perfectly 100%.

Now, I want to send data (information from users) from website to Kobotoolbox backend but to no avail. The error is {“detail”:“Method "POST" not allowed.”}

Attached is the code to send data to kobotoolbox backend.

It’s either I didn’t choose the appropriate url that can receive the data or I need to add some logic to the code. Please help. Thank you.