How to set a default value based on a previous answer

Hi all,

So I am asking how can I let Kobo set a default answer based on the previous questions’ response.
Eg; If I select “city X”. Kobo needs to set a default answer as X followed by 4 digits I choose.
the default answer is now static and i need it dynamic where it changes based on the previous answer.

I hope this clarifies.

Thank you in advanced

Hi @Mohamed and welcome to the community!

These posts might help you:

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Thanks Hakan, it is helpful but i could not find what am looking for, the formula I am looking for is supposed to be written in the Default column and should contain either three values i set based on the previous answer. Am i making myself clear?

Welcom @Mohamed,
Maybe the following could help you Dynamic defaults within repeat group - #2 by wroos
You may always try to look for previous discussions with the search function of this forum, please.

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