How to set default score & auto populate in next field for multi selection field, when user select 'None of the above' option

Hello Team,

Here is a query,

  1. From Multiple choice question, if user selects ‘None of the Above’. How to set score for the option ‘None of the above’.
  2. And if user selects option ‘None of the Above’, by default score should be auto-populated and display in the next field (single selection field).

Note: These fields are placed under the repeat group

Say example: If user selects ‘None of the Above’ by default it should auto-populate as Option ‘Poor’.

Hello Team,

Could anyone help it out!..

Could you explain this further so that the community would be able to help you out?

If you explain the issue raised above more clearly, this can be achieved without any issues. So hope you could explain your issue clearly to the community for the first query.