How to set up a form on the app where users can return straight to the last question they answered?

Hi, we are working on app-version forms - respondents will be filling in long forms at different times and they might be stopping in the middle, saving changes and returning later to the same form. However, at the moment if a user opens a saved form, the app only asks if I want to “Go To Start” or “Go To End” and there is not option to go to where you last were. Could that option be added?

Welcome to the community, @MiraZ! If you are collecting data with Collect android app and you happen to save the interview in the middle, you could stop it in the middle and then save it. When you open the incomplete interview from the Edit Saved Form, you should see a tree-like structure that will show you the questions and the response (if it has been filled). If a question has not been filled, it should only show the question. Once you see this, maybe you could go to the last question that has a response and then continue the interview back from the same.

It should be something like this:

Here, the last saved question was the Unique Identification Number and you should only be able to see the response for that question. The other questions are empty.

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Brilliant! Thank you so much. I actually haven’t realized that instead of choosing “Go To Start” or “Go To End” I can scroll down and select the first unpopulated question.

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In addition to Kal_Lam.
You could also go to the end and try to finalise or send the data. This will do all checks, and in case of error position you back to the first point, e.g. the first missing mandatory field. A disadvantage is that all errors will then be marked in the whole form.

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