How to setup user profiles with authentication and sessions support?


I’m working on a survey which has to be long.

Therefor, I’d like to open the possibility for users to authenticate (ID: E-Mail + Password), so they can come back in later sessions and either finish and/or update their data entries.

Is there any such functionalities in/with KOBO-TOOLBOX and what would be a good starting point to look at ? (#keywords)

Any hints would be much appreciated.


Hi @alienationfreez,

You can save as draft:

4. Save as Draft: Use this feature to edit or update your records before submitting it to the KoboToolbox server. Once you have checked Save as Draft you will have an option to Save Draft. The draft record gets queued but does not sync with KoboToolbox server. To sync it with the server you will have to open the record from the queued list and uncheck Save as Draft and press Submit.

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