How to share data table to other accounts based on multiple conditions

Dear Kobo team,

I have a data set of Trip reports for all project teams in my organization. The project manager will need to Verify content for each submission on the data table and it will be considered a paper signature. It’s great that I just discovered Kobo’s new function: “Act on submission based on a condition”. However, a project manager can manage many different projects, so I would like to share view and verify permissions for the project manager’s account based on some conditions:

  • 1 variable but many different values ​​(for example: project name is 22, 3 and 5)
  • various variables (e.g. Project name and Name of reporter)
    We hope to receive guidance from you.
    Thank you very much!

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Welcome to the community, @anvi! Kindly please be informed that the system at the moment does not support multiple conditions.

I have thus changed your post to features request. Feel free to reach us back if you would like to support this feature through some funding (sponsor). We would be happy to improve it as needed.

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Dear Kal,

Thank you for supporting. I tried another way because I am urgent. Hope to see this new function soon.

Many thanks!