How to share the project from KOBO humanitarian organization user account to researcher, aid worker account

Dear all,

I have some problem on sharing project to difference types of KOBO account. My KOBO account is researcher account and my colleagues are humanitarian account. Although I want to share my project to their account, it cannot work. How should I do?
If there is no way to share to difference type of account, I would like to know whether the researcher account can be changed to humanitarian account.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Welcome to the community @thirinwefrc! Kindly please be informed that sharing of survey project is only possible within the same server i.e. either within the OCHA server or the HHI server. Projects cannot be shared between the server.

Also please be informed that there is no way to transfer your HHI account to OCHA or vise versa. The best possible way is to create a user account in a suitable account you wish that works for you.