How to show automatic 2nd language keyboard in 2nd language data collection field?

I have planned to collect data using KoboCollect and some data will collect in two languages. (like - 1. Name in English, 2. Name in Bangla, 3. Address in English and 4. Address in Bangla). So, I want to set, when the data collector inputs question 1 & 3 the mobile keyboard automatically shows the English keyboard and S/he can only input the English language. And When s/he inputs in questions 2 & 4 mobile keyboard automatically show the Bangla keyboard and s/he can only input the Bangla language.

Is it possible to set this? If yes, please give me details on how can I do this?

@Bulbulrds, I don’t think this is possible (changing the device input language from the form). However, let’s see if the community should have any ideas on this.