How to show what was written in the open field others in the options of a question that depends on the other

For example I have the following questions:

Q1. Which mobile operators do you like the most?


Then we have another question that says:

Q2. Of the operators you have, which is your favorite (only shows those options marked in the previous question.)

in Q1 we chose Vodacom, others (open field) wrote - MTN.

How do I get MTN to also appear in Q2?

question 2

Hello @Aroberto,
It should work with a ${…} reference like you did it.
We encountered this problem in the past with Enketo (Webform) only. It worked with ODK Collect.

Could you, please,

  • provide the related part of your form
  • preview the form with the Online validator
  • test if it works with Collect
  • move back add forward in your form
  • try save and re-edit
  • try with an intermediate calculate variable as reference in the choice (workaround) ?
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@Aroberto, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: