How to skip logic to the end of questions (save and exit from)

Hi Kobo users,

I am faced with the problem regarding the skip logic. I am trying to make a skip logic to the end of questionnaire (save and exit form) but it does not work. Please advise me how to do it.


At the point in your form that you determine whether to continue to ‘skip to the end of form’, put all the subsequent questions inside a group, and put your skip logic on the relevant property of that group. As a consequence, when you want to skip, all the following questions (which are now in the group) will be hidden, basically immediately bringing up the end of the form.

Its good to remember that you never actually skip to something; rather, you hide everything in-between :slight_smile:


You can also add a condition to each question, best done in XLS. An example could be:

Question1; Do you agree to participate in the study? 1=Yes 2=No

You then apply this relevant condition for all the subsequent questions ${Question1}=1 that way all the questions will be skipped if the answer is No in Questions

Excellent work around! Thanks. I couldn’t work out how to do this last time and had to not do it as I had a 200+ question survey and so it wasn’t practical to add skip logic to every question.

This tip should be written up as a guidance note in the Kobo FAQs.

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“WORKAROUND”?!?! Hurmph. Given that XForm’s relevance forms the fundamental basis of show-hide logic (no, not psuedo ‘gotos’) I’d hardly call it a ‘workaround’… :wink:

YW :slight_smile: