How to stop data collection by link and allow only kobocollect application

How to disable data submissions by using links and allow only mobile application or kobocollect application.

See Help Center article, please: Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation (Android option).
But try out if this will stop submissions with already distributed links.

If you use and set username metadata on the device, you can also see if the submission was done through web link: _submitted_by would then be empty.

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Thanks so much @wroos for that suggestion however how can I save (Android Application) option on my project when I select this option there is no where I can save if I refresh the page the default option online-offline(multiple-submissions) re-appers how to save android application option?

@hamza_programmer, could you share a screenshot of this so that the community could understand your issue pictorially?

Thanks @Kal_Lam want I want is to limit data collectors to collect data only by using kobocollect application and not through the distributed links, therefore I was trying to ask if there is a means of limiting data collecting through application only by going to Form module and selecting Android Application as shown on the attached snapshot.

I think this is the default view - unfortunately (as for other options too), but the Android setting should work nevertheless. Might be great to change this in KoboToolbox, as other users got confused too. (@Kal_Lam)

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@hamza_programmer, so you mean once you set the configuration to the image shown below, you only want the enumerators to collect data through the Collect Android App?


And once you choose this option, did you mean you wish to have this as default instead of the online-offline settings as seen on the page? Is this what you are trying to search for?

Yes @Kal_Lam that is what I meant is it possible?

@hamza_programmer, no this is not possible as @wroos has outlined before. These are simply the setting options you get on the project page to collect your data. You may not share the survey URL with the team if you don’t wish to use the web form. So, with this, your team will only collect data through the Collect Android App and submit the submissions to the server.

Thanks @Kal_Lam now I understand, this is much appreciated :+1:.

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@hamza_programmer, :bowing_man: