How to track a particular response ina repeat group

I really want to know is there any way I can track a particular response within a repeat group.

For example I have a repeat group with some questions taking responses of different participants. amongst all these repeat question there is a question called “Does the participant have any physical disability” which is a yes/no question. outside the repeat group I have a question line “At least one participant having physical disability” and I want this question to showcase the response given in the repeat question. if the disability is yes in any index only then the later question will display yes. Please help.

Welcome @Nafisa_Tasnim_1143,
depending of the (numeric) coding names of your choice items, you can create a calculate type after the repeat, e.g. max(DisabiltyQuestion) or sum(…) if coding is 1 // 0 and use it as a relevant filter for the following question.
You might also directly integrate the calculation in the relevant clause.

For testing you may temporarily set the type with the calculation to integer, so you see what happens.

Often, using the search function of the forum (and the Help Center articles) can provide help too, e.g. Use value from repeated group in skip, with a more complex example.

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