How to update edited data?

I have edited data in both my survey forms, which appear to be saved but the Summary does not update. Please can you tell me how to update the summary?

Welcome to the community @robinboustead! Could you kindly please share with us the screenshot of your issue. It would be easy for us to troubleshoot.

The warning message says that only the raw data is appearing - how can I show the updated-edited data?

I have to leave for a meeting now, sorry if I don’t reply for a few hours.

Oh! It’s just a warning! You need not worry about this warning. You could still analyze your data without cleaning your data. But it’s always advised to clean your dataset before making your final analysis (which you will have to do them manually).

If you still wish to edit your submissions, you could edit them as outlined in the support article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission.

but is it possible to update the summary? It’s useful for checking through the data

and when I download the data, I only can download the raw data, not the edited data

Could you be more specific with this issue you have raised by backing up with a screenshot.

Could you also explain this further so that we understand and try help you solve your issue.

So i have made changes to the data set using the edit icon. The changes are mostly spelling consistency. So the edited data is visible in the Table tab… see screen shot

However, the changes do not appear in the Reports tab… see screenshot

And when I download data to excel, i only get the raw data that was first uploaded and not the edited data… see screen shot

you can see that Sushma Bhatta is still spelt differently for example.

I don’t understand why the changes I’ve made through editing do not appear in the Summary Report or in the download. Please can you tell me what I need to do? I followed the instructions to edit the data that you sent as I had already checked the knowledge base.

Hi @robinboustead,

We already have a bug report for this. Maybe you could follow the same here:

Kindly please let us know if there is something more where the GitHub issue has not captured.

you mean re-enter all the data? this seems like a crazy amount of work to do?